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Last Updated on Oct 12, 2019
1. Important Information About This Legal Contract
1.1. This Sale Agreement is a legal contract between the Customer and Dev Gadhvi Enterprise. The Customer accepts this Sale Agreement by making a purchase, placing an order on the Site. The terms and conditions of this Sale Agreement are subject to change without prior notice, except that the terms and conditions posted on the Site at the time the Customer initially places or modifies an order will govern the order in question. This Sale Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Customer and Dev Gadhvi Enterprise relating to the purchase or sale of products or services on the Site. In the event of any conflict between the terms and conditions stated on your order and this Sale Agreement or any terms and conditions on our invoice, you agree that the provisions of this Sale Agreement and our order shall control.
2. Delivery
2.1. All product purchases that are downloadable or designed for online use are typically made available to the customer immediately after a successful transaction. If the product is required in media form, then maximum 7 days after successful transaction (i.e. appropriate delivery address provided and payment made for the product), Dev Gadhvi Enterprise will provide confirmation of each purchase and delivery of the software via a confirmation screen on the website and a confirmation email sent to the email address provided during checkout. While the delivery process is set up for instant transmission of the product (audio/video) access links, Dev Gadhvi Enterprise will not refund the purchase price of the software because of a delay in providing these access links, usernames and/or passwords and Dev Gadhvi Enterprise is not responsible for any delays in transmission due to web service outages or email delivery delays.
2.2. The product offered by Dev Gadhvi Enterprise is very simple to use. Thus, all products are sold with the joint understanding that the customer possesses a basic knowledge of computer systems and Video /DVD player. No returns will be accepted due to the inability of the user to understand and utilize the product because of a lack of knowledge of these basic computer functions or DVD player. Dev Gadhvi Enterprise will attempt to resolve any problems as quickly and easily as possible.
2.3. All the product can be easily used on any DVD / VCD player or computer. A user can download VLC Player to use the product on the computer.
2.4. If you are unsure of the content of any product title, please contact us before purchasing the product. We are happy to help you verify that you are purchasing the right product which will meet your needs.
3. Credit Card Purchases
3.1. The term “credit card holder” as used in these terms and conditions is defined as the person or entity in whose name the credit card was issued by the bank or financial institution that appears on the credit card. When you complete an online purchase from
www.devgadhvi10x.com using a credit card for payment, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
3.1.1. You are the credit card holder, a representative of the credit card holder or the credit card holder is aware you are making the purchase and has authorized you in advance to make the purchase using their credit card.
3.1.2. If you are not the credit card holder, you agree to notify the credit card holder of the purchase before making the purchase, and you guarantee to Dev Gadhvi Enterprise that you have made the credit card holder aware of the purchase in advance.
3.1.3. Should you have a problem with your purchase, you will contact Dev Gadhvi Enterprise to allow us to resolve the problem before contacting either the financial institution that issued the credit card or the credit card company.
3.1.4. To threaten a chargeback to alter purchase price after an order is placed is extortion; it is a felony and a Federal offense. Fraudulent use of credit cards will be investigated and reported to your local police, your local bank, and our merchant service. We will prosecute to the full extent of the law.
3.1.5. We do address verifications for every credit card. Orders that request delivery to an unverified address will require that we contact the actual owner of the credit card by phone. These phone numbers are obtained from sources other than the order itself.
3.1.6. An unauthorized credit card chargeback after an order has been placed is known as friendly fraud or chargeback abuse, even if you are the owner of the card, it is theft and still fraud. We will dispute the chargeback with proof of delivery and, as required, file a report with the police.
3.1.7. Original orders processed in error, improper address, wrong phone number, declined or expired card, etc. will require that new order only be shipped to the billing address of the credit card.
3.1.8. We accept only those credit cards mentioned on the product ordering screens as the payment options for your purchase.
4. Credit Card Chargebacks
4.1. Dev Gadhvi Enterprise is proud to say that we have never once had a customer rightfully chargeback a purchase made online on our website www.devgadhvi10x.com. However, we have been the victim of criminal or fraudulent chargebacks. A criminal or fraudulent chargeback is when the credit card holder orders and receives products or services, then intentionally reverses the charge through their card-issuing bank stating that they did not place or receive the order. In almost all cases, the order is requested for delivery without a signature, as proof-of-delivery allows the merchant to successfully dispute the chargeback. Unfortunately, this new form of credit card fraud is becoming more common, and online/mail-order merchants who are unable to obtain a printed signature from the customer are the victims. Please note that charging back an order when that order was shipped and received is a theft. Fraudulent chargebacks hurt honest customers by forcing online merchants to raise prices to cover the cost or delay shipping when a request is made to ship without a signature.
4.2. We report all wrongful or fraudulent chargebacks to your local police, your local bank, and our merchant service. Credit card fraud is a felony and we will aggressively prosecute anyone attempting to misuse a credit card number. We track every transaction and will use all means available to prosecute persons attempting fraud.
5. Prices, Charges, and Payment
5.1. All prices are in INR. All credit card charges must be paid in INR; Dev Gadhvi Enterprise reserves the right to change the prices of products sold on this website at any time.
6. Return Policy
6.1. Because the products sold by Dev Gadhvi Enterprise are of audio and video, no returns of any product sold will be accepted until and unless there is some problem in the media. If we do decide or are forced to issue a refund or receive a charge-back, your debt will be turned over to our collections department and you will be charged to cover our loss. The Purchaser of any product or services from www.devgadhvi10x.com understands and agrees that all product/services purchased and/or downloaded are considered a final purchase for which absolutely no refunds will be given or provided.
6.2. Further, Purchaser agrees and acknowledges that the Purchaser shall be solely responsible for and shall bear (and/or reimburse) Dev Gadhvi Enterprise for any chargeback fees issued to Dev Gadhvi Enterprise or from any credit card company, merchant service or another source of payment that is initiated at the request of the Purchaser. Stated another way, should Purchaser request a refund or chargeback from any credit card company, merchant service or other source of payment on the purchase of Dev Gadhvi Enterprise products/services and should said card company, merchant or other sources thereafter impose any fee or amount to Dev Gadhvi Enterprise at the request of said Purchaser for or as a result, purchaser shall reimburse Dev Gadhvi Enterprise for the refund amount plus the said chargeback fee or amount. By purchasing any service/product from www.devgadhvi10x.com , the Purchaser expressly authorizes Dev Gadhvi Enterprise to direct a payment/charge to made to Purchaser’s credit card account (the same being the credit card account used in the initial purchase of said service/product) in the amount of the said refund and chargeback fee (or amount charged to Dev Gadhvi Enterprise for such refund).
7. Customer Data and Privacy
7.1. During the transaction process, customer contact information and purchase history are collected by our systems. Dev Gadhvi Enterprise reserves the right to send relevant offers via email and postal mail to our customers using this contact data.
8. Terms of Audio & Video Media
8.1. You understand that, if you want to make a copy of any audio or video product, you acknowledge that you are the legal owner of the same product, and are looking to just make a new copy for archival (backup) purposes only. You also agree to destroy all copies of the product in the event it is ever no longer voluntarily in your possession. If you obtained your product through any other means, including any pirated versions, or if you do not already legally own the same product requested, then you may not use this product.
9. Professional Service Indemnification
9.1. You expressly agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Dev Gadhvi Enterprise against lawsuits, claims, costs associated with defense or accusations, and hold us and (as applicable) our parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of this agreement, or services ordered by you, which may prove to be in violation of any law or infringement on the intellectual rights of a third party.
10. Consequential Damages
10.1. In no event shall Dev Gadhvi Enterprise, its subsidiaries or affiliates, or their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives or agents (collectively, ”Dev Gadhvi Enterprise“) be liable for special, incidental, consequential, punitive, indirect, or other special damages, including but not limited to, loss of data, use, or profits, however caused, whether for breach of contract, negligence, or otherwise, and whether or not Dev Gadhvi Enterprise has been advised of the possibility of any such damages.
11. Reproduction
11.1. Any reproduction or redistribution of any Dev Gadhvi Enterprise product not in accordance with the License Agreement is expressly prohibited by law and may result in severe civil and criminal penalties. Violators will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible. No image, video clip, audio sample, text, content, may be copied or used in any way by the user. WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, COPYING OR REPRODUCTION OF THE SOFTWARE TO ANY OTHER SERVER OR LOCATION FOR FURTHER REPRODUCTION OR REDISTRIBUTION IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED UNLESS SUCH REPRODUCTION OR REDISTRIBUTION IS EXPRESSLY PERMITTED BY THE LICENSE AGREEMENT ACCOMPANYING SUCH PRODUCT.

12. Terms of Service

12.1. Dev Gadhvi Enterprise reserves the right to refuse to sell a product or provide service to anyone, at its own discretion.

13. Contacting Dev Gadhvi Enterprise

13.1 For any general query call at +91 9819526252 or mail to dev@devgadhvi10x.com.


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